hello Hugo Conf, hello World!

This is the Quiqr Project and the project is now live! 🎉

We do not have a fancy website yet, but we have a lot to share so read on ..

What is Quiqr?

Quiqr is a hackable, open source, cross platform, Hugo specialized, offline desktop CMS application with build in Git functionality for deploying static sites to any hosting server.

With Quiqr you can build, share, maintain and publish websites.

Quiqr is a fork of Hokus CMS. Without this brilliant work we couldn’t be where we are.

It looks like this…

… editing a recipe

… editing a recipe

see more screenshots.

Who is it for?

Quiqr is for website owners and website developers.

Features for site owners

  • Download templates that work out of the box
  • Automatically downloads correct Hugo binary to preview sites locally
  • Site library for fast switching and maintaining multiple sites
  • Publish websites to GitHub
  • Pre-publish websites for publishing to any kind of static hoster
  • Powerful, yet easy to use CMS
  • Integrated documentation
  • Build-in Git client to communicate with any kind of git service
  • Installers for Windows, macOS or Linux
  • No terminal or text editor needed

Features for site owners

  • Site developer mode for enabling hidden developer features
  • Create CMS forms with simple yaml, json or toml files
  • Easy publish reusable Quiqr templates
  • Import Hugo themes on the fly
  • Developer documentation and reference

What’s next….

We hope you try and like Quiqr. Now we’re public, our next goal is to create a healthy, inspiring open source community. Please give us a GitHub star and follow how our project evolves.

And if you want help?

…send us bug reports, pull requests, publish a community template, improve the Quiqr documentation, help us with translations, help us creating better interfaces… help us… help up…

Contributions are super welcome 😍